Welcome to ListVUe™

ListVUe™, the export compliance assistant, is a web-based search tool that was developed by the Vanderbilt University Division of Sponsored Research. ListVUe improves -- by a significant margin -- the speed and efficiency of searches of the US Department of Commerce's Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the Commerce Control List (CCL).

About ListVUe™

Why Create ListVUe™?

Searching the CCL is a challenge to the novice or infrequent user. Similarly, it is an unnecessarily time-consuming task for those experienced persons who must search the CCL frequently. ListVUe is a solution to this problem. It speeds the search process, permits broader searches of more databases, and provides a variety of search options, including:
1. Keyword search of the CCL Index
2. ECCN citation number
3. Commodity control category and sub-category
4. Country name
5. Control reason – sorted by country name or the controlled item

Licensing options for ListVUe

ListVUe™ is licensed on an annual basis to non-profit academic institutions and private businesses. If you are a US government entity and are interested in licensing ListVUe™, a customized licensing plan can be designed to meet your needs.
How to License ListVUe™:
If you are not a current ListVUe™ Licensee...
You may purchase the applicable license for your organization by going to the Purchase New License page of this website.
If you are a current ListVUe™ Licensee...
You may renew or upgrade your current or previous ListVUe license by going to the Upgrade or Renew page of this website.
Obtaining a trial ListVUe™ License...
You may request a temporary, trial ListVUe license by going to the Trial Account page of this website.